We have traveled around the world and experienced all different places, cultures, and people. We have easily embraced a vegetarian lifestyle full of delicious, adventurous food. We have studied ecology and discovered how to become an individual activist to save the world one small act at a time. We have explored the world of dance in New York City and all over the world.

We are self-taught experts.


All of us at Spinning Atlas learned our particular skills in a hands on, experimental fashion that led to a unique, creative exploration of our crafts. All of the knowledge we attained we sought after, often as a pioneer in the field, learning valuable information from individual exploits. Through the Atlases of Spinning Atlas, we strive to share this unique breadth of knowledge with all who are curious and motivated to master a craft or change the world.

Worldly Inspired

The staff at Spinning Atlas have traveled far and wide, gaining a unique perspective on the world. Those who travel and experience new cultures and lifestyles around the world develop perspectives that are broad and open to innovative ideas. We have opened our eyes and minds to new ideas and crafts that we want to share with you in intimate detail so that you may learn from our successes, mistakes, and experiences. Come on a journey with us and check out Traveling Atlas if you have the travel bug too.

Passion Driven

We didn’t learn our skills because they would land us a “good job” with a “decent salary”. We delved deep into the meticulous details of our crafts because we are passionate about them. We love what we do and we want to share all of that passion with you. We have become self-taught experts in our fields, and we want to pass down not only our knowledge, but we want to infect you with our passion. After all, if you don’t love it, why are you spending your valuable time on it?

Independently Operated

There are no corporate strings we have to pull to get the approval to write what we want. Nobody tells us what we can and can’t publish, Nobody can skew our content to match their political agendas. Our content is based deeply in fact and supplemented with the expert opinion of the content manager for each Atlas. You can always count on quality content written by an expert who has no motive but to share their craft and passion with you.